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Is your company struggling with

  • Strategic Planning?

  • Execution?

  • Leadership Development?

  • Team Effectiveness?

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Route Two partners with leaders of growing companies to accelerate business performance and deliver bottom line results.

  • Is your leadership team driving with the brakes on?
  • Are you confident that your team is ready to lead the business to the future?
  • Does your business have a robust strategy for future success?
  • Is the executive team aligned and committed to it?
  • Are you an executive in a new position with high expectations for quick results?

These are the kind of challenges Route Two guides its clients to solve. We can help you expedite alignment, focus, commitment and accountability - from the top floor to the shop floor. Route Two works with you to build high performance teams, create true collaboration and develop leadership in your company. Through our processes we help leadership come together and create a shared vision for the company's future. In short, Route Two can help you achieve the success you and your company is seeking.

If you want different results, it's time to take a different route . . . Route Two.

About Route Two

Strategy – Execution – Leadership Effectiveness

Business results come from the actions of people. Get good at leading others and you get better business results and greater personal satisfaction.

In many companies effective leadership is simply more difficult and stressful than it need be. Titles and tenure do not assure effective leadership. Commitment to the right shared business strategy and persistent application of proven leadership practices does.

If you want to improve results, improve the effectiveness of the people in charge. Individuals and teams are transformed when people learn and apply the perspective, skills and tools of effective leadership. When all leaders in a business do so the results are profound.

Whether you are an engineer, a mechanic, hold an MBA or an MD, make wine or widgets, your profession changes when you become accountable for getting results through others. Learn to do it well and it gets easier, much more satisfying and the results show up in the metrics that matter.

There is no silver bullet. If you want different results it's time to take different actions. If you are ready to consider some possibilities we may be able to help.

Our clients like the results

Maybe you should become one. If you would like to consider the possibilities, contact us today.

Leadership Development FAQ in Seattle WAAsking the Right Questions Leads to Important Answers

What are the most common challenges you help leaders overcome?

Our clients come to us with problems like these: The senior leadership team is not aligned and committed to execute the right actions for business growth. Ownership and ccountability for business success is negatively impacted by siloes and turf protection. Business processes cost too much and do not serve customers or employees well. Leadership behaviors are not serving employees, customers or the business well. Leadership capacity is not adequate to execute growth strategy. Decisions take too long and aren't consistently best for the business. Business strategies do not get executed. Competition and the marketplace have changed and we still operate as we did 15 – 20 years ago. We are breaking promises to customers because our processes are broken. We need to get our acquired companies assimilated quickly.

How do you ensure that the results stick?

If there is a magic to making our work together part of your permanent culture, it's the combination of the visual representation of strategy and accountability, combined with the application of your team's learned leadership and management skills to ensure execution and full installation of the changes. We can provide focus, drive, and continuity of leadership for the defined changes until the team is ready to sustain the changes in the normal course of business.

Is your leadership team aligned, focused, committed?

At the beginning of your project, we'll work with you to clearly define both the desired results and the measures that will be used to track our success over the course of the project. During the course of your project, we'll have specific check-point discussions to review our mutual progress and also a longer-term post evaluation proves to quantify the tangible business results. We believe you will get a positive return on your investment both tangible and intangible, and we manage and measure to that goal.

Why should we work with you rather than one of your competitors?

Ultimately, you should work with people you like and trust to help you solve your business challenges and grow your business. When the partnership is a good one, you'll get real, measurable results; you'll learn a lot; and you'll have a good time in the process. So, you should work with us if the chemistry is right … and we'll both know once we've had a chance to talk.

Do you work with clients locally, nationally, internationally?

The short answer is we work with clients wherever we are needed. Our clients are generally Northwest-headquartered but many have geographically-dispersed operations which we serve as needed. Our business is not bound by location. We maintain a strong, nationwide affiliate network of people we know and trust who can work with you locally when you need consistent in-person support. The accountability for project leadership and ultimately results always remains with us here in the Northwest.

How do we start working with you?

Our clients are commonly referred to us by people who know and trust us. When a leader is referred to us, we will initiate a telephone conversation to get to know each other and together will decide whether it would serve us both well to meet in person. When we meet, we'll ask a lot of questions and begin to define the mutual value in our working together to achieve the results you need to achieve. Over the course of several face-to-face discussions, together we'll define the project and create a visual representation of the project goals, specific activities to achieve the goals, timelines, pricing, etc. When we have clearly articulated our engagement, we both will sign a one-page LOE committing to the project.

Contact Us To Get Started Today!

Randy Boek

Professional Outsider and President

Randy Boek - Leadership Develoment Coach - SeattleBroad leadership experience with Fortune 500 international consumer products firms, smaller privately held companies, and public entities. Led significant changes in unionized heavy manufacturing production, and integrated regional business. Executive leadership and start-up roles in a brewery, paper mill, and bio-fuel power plant. President of a construction technology start-up. Founder of two consulting companies focused on improving business results. A skilled facilitator, leader, and catalyst for change, Randy has built an impressive client list of great companies of varied size in most business sectors.

He and his wife, Patti, have two adult daughters, one son-in-law, a grandson and will welcome a granddaughter in September ... and a boxer. His passions are family, friends, motorcycle touring, downhill skiing, travel, food and wine.

Randy is a Member of the National Speakers Association. He speaks on a variety of topics specific to leadership, strategy and people at work.

Jillian Taylor

Senior Consultant

Leadership CoachJillian grew up in a small town in Alaska and has the dual distinction of being crowned Ice-Worm Queen and working as a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat. She has a Master of Science in Organization Development from Central Washington University.

Jillian has built strong top floor to shop floor relationships with leaders in heavy industry, technology and service businesses. She has a history of success through her ability to engage leaders in ways that clarify strategic direction, improve core processes and leverage individual capability and talent.

She worked within an international Fortune 500 professional services firm and led teams in multiple large-scale corporate change processes. Jillian has built a reputation for defining and executing successful change initiatives in both large companies in diverse industries and fast growing privately held companies.

Outside the Turn - Route Two Results LogoRandy Boek

The faster you're going, the harder it is to stay on the road. And both life and business always seem to be moving more rapidly. Outside the Turn is where things can get dangerous. Professional Outsider Randy Boek helps you gets you through it with insights and knowledge. Push beyond the norm, past the way you've looked at things before. Play to win ... rather than to not lose. Innovate, challenge yourself and your company. Be the leader who redefines yourself, your team, your business. The world is changing faster and in greater volume than ever. Are you?


In Honor of Work

Posted by Randy Boek on August 14, 2014

TAGS: , , ,

When did you learn to work? I got the gift early in life. First as a little boy at Baker’s Cash Grocery, Grandma’s store in North Sacramento California. Later as a teenager at Great Northern Janitorial Services, one of Dad’s businesses. This is the gift that has kept on giving. I’ve been a soldier, a […]


leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Pacific Northwest
Tremulousness – Shaky and Paranoid

Posted by Randy Boek on August 07, 2014

TAGS: , , ,

I have a friend who is a commercial pilot. An article in a recent internal newsletter warns pilots that excessive use of caffeine can cause tremulousness. It sounds like something ominous that I don’t want my pilot to have and beyond that the word triggers spell check. The dictionary says it may be a visible […]


leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Pacific Northwest
Prisoners of the paradigm

Posted by Randy Boek on July 31, 2014

TAGS: , , ,

Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab and author of The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business. His blog posts are frequently featured in the Harvard Business Review – smart guy. I ran across a post where he lists six lessons that explain why the financial crisis persists. One of the six, […]

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Route Two Delivers Results!

The core competencies of Route Two address the areas of your organization that most directly affect the results you are achieving. In today's economic and business climate it is imperative to perform at peak levels consistently - from planning to execution to leadership to team effectiveness. Randy Boek, professional outsider and president of Route Two, brings proven experience, methodology and programs to the table to deliver bottom line results. We partner with you to ensure that your goals are met and your expectations exceeded.

Click below to learn more about our solutions and how Route Two can help your company:

  • Strategic Planning

    A Map To Show You The Way To Success

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, your strategy map is worth more – more than words, more than a picture. It's a map created by your team that clearly and graphically communicates your integrated strategy for success, including who is accountable for what and how you'll measure your progress.

    • Builds team alignment and energy to execute
    • Cements accountability
    • Depicts critical linkages between financial goals, customer needs, infrastructure, processes, culture, and human capability
    • Identifies the most important goals and actions

    A Critical Part of Achieving Your Objectives – The Plan

    Picture a planning process that moves quickly to the right issues that define the future of your business. We access the best thinking of the smart people in your organization, and align executives and leaders around a shared course of action to improve business results.

    • Powerfully visual
    • Rigorous
    • Engaging
    • Surprisingly fun

    Anchor Your Strategy with Team Preparation

    It is common that leadership teams are not ready to dive right in to the dynamic and interactive work of building their strategy map. Preparing your team to do high-quality creative thinking and develop the right strategic initiatives is essential. Route 2 guides your Strategy Foundation and Anchors process, creating team alignment and a baseline of shared knowledge so your team is ready for the exciting work of strategy development.

    • People focus at the right level
    • New discussions on important new topics
    • Barriers to creative divergent thinking are removed


    The leadership team, and ultimately everyone in your business, will understand and agree on what's to be done, how it will be done, who is responsible for what, and how progress and success will be measured.

  • Execution

    Too many decent Strategic Plans end up on the trash heap of dead possibilities. The right discussions take place. Ideas get legs. Enthusiasm builds. Binders are published and begin to collect dust on the shelf. The reality of getting product shipped and all the related activities of running the business dominate the priority list. Strategy execution languishes.

    Route Two provides system, structure, and leadership to drive execution. Through the guidance of a Route 2 Results outsider forward progress becomes consistent. Execution moves from being a tangential leadership accountability to become an integrated component of running the business.


    Partnership for business growth is more than a Route 2 Results sound-bite. It is a core ethic. We share our client's commitment to growth of the business, growth of individual leaders, and growth of the teams that run the business. Implementing the changes necessary to execute new strategic initiatives is seldom easy and not always satisfying. It can be more of both.

    Clarity – Alignment – Focus

    Our Implementation Roadmaps translate strategic initiatives into executable tactics with specific timeframes and accountabilities. These colorful Roadmaps spell out exactly how and when business strategies will be realized in the context of your business reality. We do not produce binders of text. Your strategic plan and all related elements will be maps and other graphics that show linkages, dependencies and accountabilities in ways that are easy to comprehend and explain to others from the board to the production floor.

    Leadership & Team Effectiveness

    Leadership teams are not always ready to function at the level of effectiveness necessary to execute new strategic initiatives. Route 2 Results provides a leadership development curriculum that is based on the principles of High Performance. In High Performance organizations people understand the business and work cooperatively with a commitment to business results. Accountability is paramount and leaders have the perspective skills and tools to drive business growth by achieving results through others. Leaders know how to lead and manage and when to apply the right approach for the desired result. Route 2 offers training that is specifically focused on building High Performance Leaders, top-floor to shop-floor.

    We offer comprehensive formal Leadership Development programs tailored specifically to the needs of your leadership team and focused on achieving desired results.


    Installing the changes inherent in executing a new strategic plan can be like trying to change tires on a car that is on the road at 60 miles per hour. The business continues to run. Every leader already has a plate full of priorities. In partnership with the senior executive client sponsor a Route 2 Results outsider keeps the execution process moving forward. Alignment, integration and implementation progress in the business.

  • Leadership Development

    High Performance Leadership Perspective, Skills, and Tools

    Leaders who share a common High Performance Leadership perspective, along with the right skills and tools, get better business results. If you're like most organizations, you have leaders with varied capability – from high-fliers to those who truly struggle. You may have good people in your organization who have been selected for leadership roles because of their technical competence, rather than their leadership experience or effectiveness. As a result, some parts of your business thrive, while others stumble. When the attributes of High Performance Leadership become the norm in your business, the results can be profound.

    Smart, Capable People Will Thrive

    You'll get a customized leadership development program from Route 2, designed specifically to meet your objectives. Your team members will be immersed in highly-interactive sessions facilitated by seasoned leaders and focused on your business issues. High Performance Leadership programs are customized for your business needs from our library of over fifty specific leadership topic modules that have repeatedly proven effective in businesses of all sizes world-wide.

    Create a New and More Effective Level of Energy, Enthusiasm and Focus

    Route 2 can help you create a High Performance environment that fosters excitement and pride in being part of a team in which achievement is paramount. Behaviors that are not conducive to success are eliminated.

    Leadership Training

    In 1999 Randy Boek, formed a partnership with Chip Wilson, CEO of 360 Solutions, LLC. As a result, clients get the best of learning content, materials and methodology combined with dynamic facilitation by experienced leaders. Sessions are active with a persistent focus on relevance and business results. Customization of program specifics to the unique needs of each client group ensures training dollars are well spent.

    Essential elements of the Route 2 Results approach:

    • Perspective, tangible skills and useable tools combined make it easier and more satisfying to succeed in the real world of getting business results through others
    • Customization of in-session exercises to participant reality enhances learning and real world application
    • Program structure includes spaced repetition with on-going follow-up to build confidence and drive implementation
    • Facilitators are always veteran leaders who have a history of getting results through others
    • Route 2 Results works with leaders and teams from top floor to shop floor
    • Agreement to desired outcomes is the reference point to which progress is measured

  • Team Effectiveness

    Leadership Team Effectiveness – A Foundation for Success

    Effective Teams Are Made That Way.

    There's a big difference between a group of leaders and a team that can effectively and consistently execute. Whatever the focus of our work together, growth in leadership team effectiveness is always an outcome. When the focus is specifically growth in leadership team effectiveness, Route 2 Results methods and expertise will engage your team in building the capability to function effectively as a cohesive unit.

    Leaders learn how to:

    • Structure teams for success
    • Have tough discussions on the right topics, at the right level, with the right depth
    • Make better, broader perspective decisions quicker
    • Eliminate silos and turf protection
    • Strengthen ownership and accountability
    • Provide better analysis for better decisions
    • Take creative approaches to challenges

    Our approach to High Performance Teams has both an individual and a team component. We integrate individual leadership development with the team development process, and can provide a coaching/mentoring component as necessary.

Our clients like the results

Maybe you should become one. If you would like to consider the possibilities, contact us today.

What Our Clients Say

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    I give Randy Boek the highest of compliments, every time he and I talk or work together with my sales organization, he inspires me to reach higher.  He has transformed my team from group of managers to a unified leadership team.  Randy gets immersed in the business and that contributes significantly to the team embracing where he is taking us.  I highly recommend Randy.  Give him the opportunity to inspire you and your organization to greater success.

    Ron Camden
    Sr VP International Sales

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    Randy Boek is everything that you would want in a management consultant and trainer. He is engaging, well-studied, effectively organizes ideas for logical presentation and acceptance. He brings “fun” to learning opportunities. He demonstrates strong interpersonal skills. Without fail, he continuously displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity. Randy leads his field!

    Michael D. Frank
    Regional Manager

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Pacific Northwest

    During my twenty-three years and thirteen different positions with GE, I attended and completed countless Crotonville courses and training.  Crotonville is often described as the epicenter of GE culture and is known for state of the art leadership training. Randy Boek’s engaging leadership training achieves the same level of expertise and motivation of which I have experienced.

    Bob Collett
    Chief Executive Officer

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    As Board President of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northern California, I had the recent pleasure of participating in a series of strategic planning sessions led by Randy. His friendly and open style was instrumental in providing the group the leadership and guidance they needed to make the hard decisions. His ‘think big picture’ approach provided a positive and creative atmosphere that initiated productive conversations between the stakeholders. Overall, a positive experience that I would highly recommend to others.

    Mark “Mac” McElroy
    Board President

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    Route Two′s facilitators are the best I have ever experienced. They are sharp business people who challenged us and led us quickly through an engaging process that aligned and fired up our teams on a course of action. Route Two is my partner of choice and I recommend them to any leader who needs to define and install change quickly.

    Brad Brown
    Senior Vice President

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    I have found the Route Two approach to be a fresh, “out of the box” way of guiding our thinking about who we are and want to be.  That being said, the client needs to be ready to look at a non-traditional approach.  One key reason for my working with Randy was to break away from the “silo” of my industry’s experts as consultants.  We need to look outside ourselves and our industry as we look forward.

    Henry R. Veldman, FACHE

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    Randy’s veteran consulting approach will cause senior level executives, directors and managers to answer the questions they should be asking but have seemed to neglect. The result is new found direction and growth. I would recommend any senior level team to consider using Randy for your next strategy session.

    Rene Zamora

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    Our relationship with Randy and his team has brought significant value to REI, both from a tangible business standpoint and from a unique approach that is an enjoyable way to do this challenging work.  Given the success of our past engagement, Route Two was the obvious partner to help accelerate our team’s ability to achieve the desired business results.

    Brad Brown
    Senior Vice President, REI

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    I have had the pleasure of working with Randy over the last 18 months and he has helped guide me through all of the pitfalls and growing pains that accompany rapid growth.  He has served as guide, mentor, and close friend.  During that time he has had a major impact not only on our business but on me as a leader as well.  He has fostered an environment in which I can be a more effective leader and my team a more capable work force.  His ability to think outside the box and present real solutions from his personal experience has been incredibly valuable.

    Ben Hummer
    VP Operations

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    Our Board of Directors concluded that the company was in need of some in-depth support in the areas of strategy, leadership development, and process improvement. Randy and his team provided their experience in these areas resulting in much greater efficiency, a well-defined strategy, and a focused executive team. I attribute these improvements directly to their work.

    Jeff Baker

  • leadership development, executive coach, strategic planning, Vancouver BC

    We could not have achieved our current level of growth or profit were it not for the skills and visual tools that Randy and his team provided. These results are characteristic of the value I have experienced in a variety of projects over five years. The results are consistently there and the team is professional yet easy and fun to work with. In short, they do serious work in a non-serious way and create profound business results.

    Patrick McKinnon

Client Case Studies

  • Management Systems for Communications and Processes

    Customer complaints were rampant, as was employee turnover. The 24-hour emergency and specialty center had just started business in a new and much larger facility, and the new leadership team of eighteen highly-trained veterinary specialists was experiencing significant internal conflict. Route 2 chartered an internal steering team to lead the necessary changes and taught them how to do so. A visual system was established for managing facilities issues. Business Process Mapper™ was applied to improving patient flow-through and communication with pet owners. Supply and records challenges were identified and fixed. Route 2 then engaged an expanded team in a multi-day strategic planning event to define the strategic initiatives essential to the future of the organization. A management system was installed to guide the implementation of strategic and process improvements. Revenue grew 50 percent and profitability improved 600 percent as a result of the Route 2 work.

  • Electronics Manufacturer Growth Strategy

    The newly promoted CEO of an international electronics manufacturer had replaced a legacy leader who had held the position for 25 years. His challenge was to engage the leadership team and create new direction for sustainable business growth. Route Two led the team in a comprehensive strategy mapping process that created clear direction for the business and alignment of the executive team. This project was followed by ongoing guidance from Route Two for strategy execution.

  • Global Leadership Development for Growth

    This global company develops and manufactures technology and products that reduce energy consumption and increase operational efficiency. Their customers are aerospace and energy businesses worldwide. Building leadership capacity was determined to be essential for significant and sustainable growth of the business. A comprehensive global leadership program was developed as a component of the corporate university. Leaders of leaders (those who have multiple leaders reporting to them) from around the world participate in this program annually which currently has over 300 graduates. Route Two has been a leader in the development, delivery and follow-up of this program which graduated over 50 leaders from 10 countries during 2013.

  • Leading the Organization to Business Process Improvement

    Leading twelve departments within a large state-level government agency was a challenge in and of itself for this client. Each department operated independently, with minimal cross-departmental communication, substantial duplication of effort, and no sense of connection to the larger organization. Considerable future funding cuts made it essential to improve the cost structure and teaming between the departmental leaders. Route 2 engaged 20 leaders in a comprehensive business process improvement project utilizing discovery, facilitation, and business-process mapping methodologies. The result: a significantly improved team-based approach identified opportunities for eliminating duplication of services and installed a process of continuous improvement, yielding major cost savings.

  • Meeting a Variety of Challenges and Producing Positive Results

    We have had the good fortune to work with hundreds of leaders in both large, well-known businesses and smaller, privately-held entrepreneurial businesses over the past 15 years. If these challenges sound familiar, contact Route 2 Results today.  Consider a solution customized to get results for your business.

  • Departmental Strategy Development

    The IS department of a nationwide retailer needed to develop a strategy to support business this fast growing business.  Route 2 helped select the client team and then led a multi-day strategic planning event. With a completed Strategy Map, it was easy for the leadership team to prioritize initiatives into an Implementation Roadmap and to communicate their plan to the broader audience within the organization. Route 2 then engaged additional department members in a business process improvement initiative.  Route 2 assisted with the early stages of implementation and ultimately handed off the tools and processes to the client, who has become self-sustaining.

  • Technology Innovator Leadership Development

    This hi-tech company is an innovator in visual display of information. The company had taken a new direction and needed to build leadership capacity for anticipated growth. Route Two created and delivered a comprehensive leadership development program. Results included greater effectiveness as a result of stronger cross functional communication, connections and cooperation.

  • Growth Strategy for Retail

    A division executive of a national retailer was new in the position and needed to quickly build a strong, aligned leadership team and build a new strategic direction for the online business. Route Two led the team through a comprehensive strategy mapping process which resulted in a clear direction for the future and a team aligned for execution. The strategy was implemented with greater than expected business growth.

  • Improving Internal Support

    A large high-tech firm wanted to improve the ability of support professionals to serve their internal operating clients. Route 2 built and delivered a customized two-day interactive course focusing on business operations. In order for these professionals to have higher-level discussions with upper-level management, Route 2 helped enhance their general business acumen. The team learned how to ask better questions of their internal customers in order to provide the right solutions. This ultimately led to the support staff providing a higher-value-added service to the organization.

  • Growth and Assimilation Challenges

    Integrating more than 50 businesses across four states, all acquired within a three-year period, was a  big challenge facing one client. Business growth and assimilation created significant costs related to turnover of personnel, customer service problems, and difficulties in installing economies of scale. Route 2 engaged 25 leaders from four states in a unique and creative three-day strategic planning event. Facilitators guided the team through designing the future of the organization and, in the process, helped build the team unity needed to implement that vision strategically.  The group collectively developed a Strategy Map which became the guide for the business. Route 2 designed and delivered a comprehensive organization-wide year-long leadership education process. The result: the business strategy was implemented and Route 2 continued to support the executive team in improving business results until the business was sold with a positive return to shareholders.

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Insights & Resources You Can Use

Leadership Development Webinars

Leadership Development Webinars Seattle Washington

Leaders are not hired to maintain the status quo. Success requires effective leaders, top floor to shop floor. Transformational leaders redefine the future and engage the right people to make it happen. Transformation is the catalyst to constant improvement that results in high performing teams, alignment, clarity and bottom line results.

Join me on June 26th at 2pm PT for my next webinar to learn how to convert conflict into innovation! Don't settle for the status quo – leaders don't. Redefine the future and engage the right people to make it happen. Transformation is the is the challenge in creating and leading high performing teams that get better business results.


Route Two strives to give you information and insights that help with the challenges you may be facing in your career and business. Professional Outsider Randy Boek brings decades of experience to bear in his articles on Strategic Planning and Leadership. Click on the article categories to the right to access all of our articles on that subject.

Leadership Development Articles - Seattle WashingtonLeadership Development Articles - Pacific Northwest

White Papers

Route Two is dedicated to providing the latest research on the most important topics in employee training and business development. Our desire is for businesses to have insight into the practices that can bring about the greatest potential in their company.
Leadership Development White Paper - Seattle Executive Coaching White Paper - Seattle WA Strategic Planning White Paper - Seattle WA Leadership Development White Paper - Pacific Northwest
Leadership Development White Paper - Vancouver BC Executive Coaching White Paper - Vancouver BC Strategic Planning White Paper - Vancouver BC Leadership Development - Seattle WA


Developing high performance teams and leadership is part science and part art. The science aspect of it is largely through validated assessments from our alliance partners including Profiles International, DISC, 360Solutions and SDI. Contact us today so that we can learn about how your company can benefit from using our assessments. Whether your challenges are in hiring, leadership growth or team effectiveness we will develop a customized process for integrating assessments in a way that improve results.

360 Solutions - Route Two PartnerProfiles International - Route Two PartnerSDI - Route Two PartnerDISK - Routw Two Partner

Lagniappe Stories

A hundred years ago Mark Twain said, "We picked up one excellent word – a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get… It is the thirteenth roll in a baker's dozen. It is something thrown in gratis for good measure." I also learned the word on my first trip to New Orleans. It was used to describe the little something extra that makes all the difference. It is the reason that the gumbo at one restaurant is better than that at another and you can't determine why from the recipe. I am a critic of lousy service. Several years ago I decided that I should be equally aggressive in recognizing something extra service. These are the best stories and each has resulted in a contribution to a worthy charity in acknowledgement of the person who provided the service. These stories are important because leadership at some level played a role.

Central Auto Body

In December many years ago we bought a new Toyota LandCruiser. A month later in January, we took an E-Ticket ride in that LandCruiser courtesy of black ice on the Trans -Canadian highway en-route to a ski adventure at Banff/Lake Louise. This incident was our introduction to Central Auto Body. [...]

Posted On Mar 11, 2014


The Harvest Vine – Seattle, WA

I frequently eat in restaurants. As time allows when traveling I search out unique locally owned and well rated restaurants in the cities I visit. Sometimes I find winners and other times I don’t. Given the number of restaurant meals on-the-road, we don’t go out as frequently near home. That [...]

Posted On Feb 04, 2014


Windsor Oaks Veterinary Clinic

Lagniappe in Cajun cooking is a little something extra that makes all the difference. Each time we publish for Leaders of Leaders we make a donation to a charity in recognition of something extra service that someone in the Route Two community has experienced. From one of our readers, Dave, [...]

Posted On Jan 13, 2014


Kendall Jackson

In November we did a leadership training event for a sales team in California. We had the good fortune to be able to hold the event at the Kendall Jackson flagship winery in Healdsburg, California. In addition to the classroom leadership development sessions, one of the evenings was devoted to [...]

Posted On Dec 09, 2013


Acura of Lynnwood

Lagniappe in Cajun cooking is a little something extra that makes all the difference. Each time we publish for Leaders of Leaders we make a donation to a charity in recognition of something extra service that someone in the Route Two community has experienced. I take my motor vehicles for [...]

Posted On Nov 02, 2013


Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

Things go wrong and customer expectations are missed – sometimes significantly. What matters and what builds customers for life is how these misses are handled. Airlines, banks, insurers would do well to learn from Moto International in Seattle. Dave, Sarah, Micha and the crew are known internationally as a top [...]

Posted On Sep 12, 2013


McDaniels Do-It Center – “T” & Sharon

I’m a hardware kind of guy. Every weekend I spend time and significant money at McDaniels Do-it Center, one of my favorite businesses. McDaniel’s is unique in that they have floor people who actually know hardware, tools and how to for any home project. McDaniel’s is even more unique in [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Kennewick Best Western – David

I ride a motorcycle and I think that in most cases planning where I will stop for the night constricts the options of a trip. I left late on a recent ride to Hells Canyon. By 10:30pm and numerous calls I learned that a Sting/Police concert and a big horse [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Dell – Lenwood Davis

My expectations for service from telecom and computer companies are not high. I have been shocked recently by several circumstances that are changing my perspective. Recently I opened what appeared to be a CNN news bulletin. Dumb idea! It was a sophisticated piece of malware. Lenwood Davis a Dell Gold [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Tom Sullivan, DVM

Tom Sullivan, DVM, the animal eye specialist and his support team at Animal Eye Clinic in Seattle have earned the October lagniappe award of a contribution to Seattle Humane Society. Our young male boxer woke up blind several Sunday’s ago. A 75 pound male Boxer crashing into things and getting [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Tops Food & Drug – Dale Boedry

Dale Boedry is the produce man at my local grocery. I like to cook so I come in contact with him regularly. He runs a fine shop. Nice country public market-like displays, clean, fresh and an overall pleasant environment. With a full afternoon of cooking ahead I needed a particular [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Legacy Medical Center Salmon Creek – Surgical Services Team

There is not much that is more frightening than the diagnosis of brain tumor. The MRI showed the tumor on a Tuesday. It was successfully removed and discovered to be benign on Friday, a very long 72 hours later. This month’s Lagniappe award does not begin to appropriately appreciate the [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Lowes Hardware – Chris Espe

Washington’s extreme 2009 winter cold froze and cracked a shower valve in the beach house causing a persistent water leak. It was old and when disassembled showed no brand name or part number to allow a replacement. Visits to specialty plumbing supply houses and several local big-box hardware retailers got [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


McClain Insurance – Claudia McClain & Nick Pembroke

Anticipation. A novel customer service concept. Service that doesn’t just react to a request but lives ahead of the request and anticipates how to best serve the customer. Claudia McClain and her team at McClain Insurance do just that. She is our insurance agent for life. Claudia doesn’t rest on [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Fluevog Shoes – Clayton & Stephanie

Women buying shoes is a bigger deal than I fully understand. Clayton and Stephanie at the Seattle Fluevog store understand selling shoes. They understand buying shoes. Most importantly they understand how to merge the two and build a long-term customer relationship in the process. The relationship they build is unique, [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Texas Robert

Robert spends his day as an airport van jockey for a local hotel and his afternoons and evenings waiting tables at Don Carlos Restaurant. The thing about Robert, however is that he doesn’t wait tables, he serves people. He makes sure that diners have an excellent experience. Sharon is a [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Jeff Turfarolo DDS

“This is Jelena. I can help you.” This is how the phone is answered in my dentist for life’s office. I like it. Maybe it’s because over the years, the Dr. Jeff Tufarolo team always does help. A family member takes a bite out of the asphalt and the Tufarolo [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Sonoma Caterers – Amber

His granddaughter’s wedding was one of those magical moments that only comes along a few times in a lucky person’s lifetime. At 88 years of age, the retired minister conducted the ceremony in a nearly-cleared barrel room of a Sonoma County winery. The temperature in a barrel room is good [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Les Schwab Tires

Tuesday evening last week, I realized my car battery was getting weak. Early Wednesday morning, I headed to the local Les Schwab tire and accessory shop to get a new battery. I was there at 7am and realized they did not open until 8am. The door was unlocked and the [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Carmine’s – Goldie

Goldie is a server at Carmine’s on Rush Street in Chicago. Five of us enjoyed many bottles of Chianti and lots of great Italian food at a sidewalk table last Friday night. Great location for watching whatever you like to watch. Goldie, however, is that little something extra that makes [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


San Francisco’s The Tablehopper -Marcia Gagliardi

Marcia Gagliardi is The Tablehopper, a San Francisco food writer. She knows what there is to know about the San Francisco restaurant scene. Her edgy and funny book, The Tablehopper, provides dining & drinking recommendations for most any circumstance. Marcia is a character and is Lagniappe personified. If you are [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Northern Energy

Northern Energy supplies the Propane that fuels some of our appliances including the cooktop. We have been a customer since building the house 20 years ago and are on a regular refill schedule. Excessive use and exceptional cold over the holidays caused the cooktop flame to go out at breakfast [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


PEMCO Insurance

PEMCO insurance is the winner this time. That is unique in that insurance companies tend to be right up there with airlines, banks, and cell phone companies on the Wall of Shame of customer service. Not so PEMCO. Last year PEMCO made a mistake with our auto insurance account. A [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Milts Body Shop Inc, Omaha Nebraska

A big thanks to friend and subscriber Andrea, an Omaha business owner in for this lagniappe story. Her fine German automobile was damaged in a hailstorm.  A friend told her the only place to take it is Milt’s Body Shop in Omaha, Nebraska. The Results: Wow… they were great! .  [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Les Schwab, Yakima

The young family took a trip over the mountains and through the woods to grandparent’s house with the little boy (14 months) securely in car seat. The family car had been in the Dealer’s shop for routine maintenance including new brakes the prior week. After two hours at 70 mph [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Southwest Airlines

I presented a keynote talk at a corporate convention in Texas recently. One of the components of this particular presentation is an all participant exercise about Hall of Fame vs Wall of Shame customer service specific to leadership. From ten finalist companies, Southwest Airlines was the overwhelming winner. Yes, this [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Johnnie’s Pastrami in Culver City, California

Johnnie’s Pastrami in Culver City, California is this month’s Lagniappe winner. A big thanks to recent Global Leadership Program participant Yoshio for the story. Johnnie’s Pastrami has been in the same spot on Sepulveda Blvd since 1954.  The place is completely an anachronism, a horseshoe counter with a few tables [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Edwards House in Fort Collins, Colorado

I have spent 18 days working in Colorado this year. Most of those nights were spent at Edwards House in Fort Collins, CO. This was not only my lodging but also the place where colleague Richard and I led sixty leaders of leaders from nine countries through the Global Leadership [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Barrier Motors in Bellevue WA

Buying a new car has a long history of being a trying, negative experience. The stereotypes persist for those of us who have bought many cars over many years. Four or five guys smoking and joking under the awning in front of the dealership and it goes downhill from there. [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Alaska Airlines

I made a mistake and ended up scheduled to depart Seattle for Dallas at 11:40 pm when I thought I was leaving at 11:40 am. It was in early November when Hurricane Sandy had wrought destruction to the east coast and pandemonium to air travel nationwide. It was not possible [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Kusler Phamacy

Local entrepreneurs who build good business and do well serving their neighbors are a welcome respite from the others that dominate the landscape. Those that thrive against the mega-corporate competition are superstars. Kusler’s Pharmacy is my local superstar. Janet is the entrepreneur that returned to town after selling another successful [...]

Posted On Aug 07, 2013


Umbra Group

This month’s Lagniappe contribution is in honor of the wonderful country of Italy. I recently spent a week with our Italian client’s executive team at their headquarters in Italy. I experienced a full measure of legendary Italian hospitality. From the friendship of enjoying family dinners, to the cordiality of multiple [...]

Posted On Apr 09, 2004